For me, one teaching method in particular screams good pedagogy: inquiry.  When I say inquiry, I don’t mean giving the kids a demonstration before referring them to the textbook to do “word problems” or handing out a worksheet.  I’m talking full on, choose your own adventure inquiry.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading the blogs of two giants of the inquiry based teaching blogosphere, Dan Meyer and Shawn Cornally.  I would love to implement something along the lines of what Shawn does in the physics classroom.  He has students write “grant” proposals to work on a project of their choosing, addressing the content they have been covering in class.  The kids then build their own experiment from the ground up and present their findings to the class.  Check this out, if you’re interested.

I’m both excited and scared about trying to carry this off.  Will I be allowed? (Provocation no. 2, for my fellow grad dippers.)  I’ve never been in that sort of classroom, so I have a lot to learn if I’m going to make it work.


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